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Public Notices

Emergency Rule - Authority Waiving Live Classroom Event LSA - 8/26/21

Certified Adopted Preceptor - 4/22/21

Certified Adopted Fees - 4/22/21

Certified Adopted Extern - Effective 2/14/21

Renewal of License - Effective 2/14/21

Proposed Amendment Fees and Preceptor Doctor

Proposed Renewal of License

Proposed Amendment Extern

Notice of Board Action COVID 19 Emergency Rule

Certified Adopted Disciplinary Hearing   Effective 9/8/19

Certified Dry Needling    Effective 5/17/19

Proposed Amendment Disciplinary Hearings    Effective 5/17/19

Certified Voting Rule    Effective 11/19/18

Certified Declaratory Rulings Rule    Effective 11/19/18

Certified Advisory Opinion Rule   Effective 11/19/18

Certified Criteria For Approval of Continuing Education Rule   Effective 11/19/18

Certified Recordation of License Rule   Effective 11/19/18

Certified Non Licensed Chiropractic Practice Ownership Rule    Effective 11/19/18

Certified Costs Rule   Effective 11/19/18

Certified Solicitation Rule   Effective 11/19/18

Proposed Amended Dry Needling

Certified Adopted Dry Needling   Effective 11/19/18

Proposed Dry Needling

Certified Preceptor effective 8/4/18

Certified Extern effective 8/4/18

Proposed Voting Rule

Proposed Declaratory Rulings Rule

Proposed Advisory Opinion Rule

Proposed Criteria For Approval of Continuing Education Rule

Proposed Recordation of License Rule

Proposed Non Licensed Chiropractic Practice Ownership Rule

Proposed Costs Rule

Proposed Solicitation Rule

Proposed Amended Preceptor rule

Proposed Amended Extern rule

Certified Adopted Trust Accounting Procedures  Effective 1/23/17

Certified Adopted Non-Licensed Practice Ownership  Effective 1/23/17

Proposed Amended Fees Rule

Proposed Amended Discipline Rule

Proposed Trust Accounting Procedures

Proposed Non-Licensed Chiropractic Practice Ownership

Certified Rules (1) effective 9/20/2016

Certified Rules (2) effective 9/20/2016

Proposed Fees (Amended Rule)

Proposed Credentials (Amended Rule)

Secretary of State Open Meetings Notice Page - All Board of Chiropractic Examiners meetings are posted on this website.

Criminal Background Checks. Per 34-24-160(b) and 34-24-165(f): The fingerprints will be utilized to conduct a federal and state criminal background check. Being possessed of sound mind and legally competent to complete this request, the applicant authorizes the Alabama Board of Chiropractic Examiners to obtain any and all criminal history information on said applicant from the ALEA and/or FBI. Applicant may challenge or appeal any portion of his/her own Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) that he/she believes to be incomplete or inaccurate by visiting the website of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) at or call (334) 353-4340. ** Your application cannot be finally processed until the appeal is decided.