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COVID Updates
3.28.20 Update - Chiropractors Are Essential Healthcare Providers

Please click this link to the FAQ on the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) website.

Q: Can physical therapists and chiropractors continue to provide therapy services to patients under the order?
A: Yes. Physical therapists and chiropractors are medical providers subject to the rule. But, like other providers of dental, medical, or surgical procedures, they may provide services that are necessary to treat an emergency medical condition, or are necessary for a patient to avoid serious harm from an underlying condition or disease, or are a necessary part of a patient’s ongoing and active treatment.

For updates please check the ASBCE website and your email instead of bombarding ADPH for questions re closures. We will update any closure changes as soon as they are available. Please remember operators at ADPH may be confused by your questions which can lead directly to misinformation as well as overloading their phone lines. If you must call please call the Board office at 800-949-5838. For questions regarding any financial assistance that might be available please contact your financial advisor or reach out to the ASCA 334-262-2228.

COVID19 Information